About Chip Off the Block – Marketing and Entertainment Services

mazeimagesliderChip Off the Block is a specialized marketing and entertainment services provider.

OK. OK. I know these “about our company” sections are waaaay too self-serving and boring. Unfortunately, this one’s not much different. But, I have purposely included one mis-spelled word here. If you find it, e-mail me and tell me which word is spelled wrong. If you’re correct, I’ll send you an “I’m no dummy,” button, as long as my supply lasts.

Chip off the Block, formerly Brown & Martin, Inc. is a marketing and public relations firm which specializes in business to business communications. Our clients range from Fortune 500 leaders to firms with fewer than 100 employees.

Although many of our clients have the resources to retain larger firms, they have found that their needs are best served by a marketing agency of our size and caliber. COB’s ability to win and keep both large and small accounts is a testament to our high productivity, low overhead and swift response to meeting client needs.

We’ll let our clients speak for us. Following are reasons, given by our clients during agency evaluations, for working with Chip Off the Block (COB).

  • Close client/agency relations: According to client evaluations, this is a major strength of our firm. Everyone associated with COB has a vested interest in providing the best service possible. We care about the long-range success of our clients as if our own depends on it … because ultimately, it does. This is why many of our clients have been with COB since our inception in 1984.
  • Time and Money: COB clients appreciate a scarcity of surprises. Instead, they find their projects being completed: on time within budget, and meeting pre-established objectives.
  • People: OK, it’s over used, but it’s still the truth. You don’t hire an agency, you hire the people who make up the agency. When you partner with COB, you aren’t introduced to one group of people and then have another group assigned to do the work. The people you meet are the people who will be responsible for your projects. And, those people are good at what they do. In some cases they’re recognized experts in their fields.

While Chip Off the Block is a smaller firm, we have an extensive pool of virtual resources that enables us to bring in the right marketing, website design, content management and research expertise for each project. This streamlined approach allows us to deliver the results that are needed, yet you don’t pay to support people that aren’t relevant to the project. We also like to have fun and employ humor in our projects, when appropriate.

LouieandDale_2011The second side of Chip Off the Block is entertainment services, utilizing the skills of Dale Brown, Master Ventriloquist. Let Dale’s skill as a stand-up comedian, ventriloquist, writer, keynote speaker and educator work for you. His performance will brighten any program and make your event a memorable one … an event that audience members will talk about long after the show is over.

Dale’s humorous banquet programs are customized for your group . . . whether they are for corporate events, associations, community groups or clubs.